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Hydrogenated Castor Oil PH40 is a derivative of castor oil. The product is developed by the reaction of 1 mole of hydrogenated castor oil with 40 moles of ethylene oxide. Glycerol polyethylene, Glycol Hydroxy-stearate, fatty acid, and glycerol polyglycerol esters are the main hydrophobic part of the product. Moreover, polyethylene glycols and ethoxylate are a hydrophilic constituent of PH40. Also, PH40 is nearly tasteless and odorless. Pharmaceutical and beauty Industries use the product at a large scale in order to develop creams etc.

PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a soothing, softening, and hydrating additive that is added to cosmetics and personal care formulations. It functions as a surfactant, a solubilizer, an emulsifier, an emollient, a cleansing agent, and a fragrance ingredient when added to cosmetics or a personal care product development.

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Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Use of Hydrogenated Castor oil PH40 (ORYNOPHOR)

The product has immense significance, and some of them are here.


Transparency Improver

Dissolution Improver



Masking Agent

Volatility Retardant

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