Hydrogenated Castor Oil Suppliers

Dev International is known as a high-quality Hydrogenated Castor oil supplier at a competitive price in the countries like the USA, India, China, Canada, and many more. Get best quality hydrogenated castor oil at best price only at Dev International.

Hydrogenated Castor oil is produced by castor oil beans and petroleum-based formulation. It is also called PEG-40. Also, Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a viscous liquid that is widely used in various manufacturing industries. Also, the physical appearance of the product seems like a pale to dark yellow liquid and is insoluble in water.

During manufacturing, we keep the standards as per the demand of the market. As a result, we became the leading Hydrogenated Castor oil Supplier in India. Moreover, our services are available for Canada, the USA, and China as well, hence we are an exclusive Hydrogenated Castor oil Exporter in India.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Use of Hydrogenated Castor Oil

The product is always in demand because of its properties. Let’s have a quick look over the advantages of Hydrogenated Castor Oil:


Oil Paints

Electrical Capacitors


Carbon Paper


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